Kevin Kopps signs with San Diego Padres

I have not understood MLB for years. I hope Kevin proves the skeptics wrong.

Congrats KK!!! But GO BRAVES!

Scottie, any word on his first minor league assignment?

The Padres might shut him down for the summer, according to one report. He took two weeks off after the season but was back throwing in early July. Kevin does not want to be shut down. The Padres are bringing him to their training facility this week to evaluate.

Not surprised he went way under slot value.

Kopps signs for about half of what he should have got… I don’t get it. Also saw where Lockhart sign for $2,500… never heard of someone signing for that low amount… almost kind of embarrassing…

Very wise investment for the Padres… the rest of the league will regret passing.

Kopps had been in college for six years. He had no leverage; it’s not like he could go back to school and hope for a better year next time. If the Golden Spikes winner is only worth $300K…

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