Kevin Kopps pick #99

Congrats to Kevin. Picked higher than projected.

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Taken by the Padres.

In an ironic twist, he went 10 picks after the NCS shortstop who hit the homer to beat him in the super.

So proud for him! Hope he can make it to the big leagues


So very happy for him. Tremendous young man and a great ballplayer! Good luck with the Padres, Kevin!


Good deal. DVH said they should put him straight in double A ball.

Other than having to wear those ugly uniforms, living in San Diego should be a great deal for him. At age 24, I think he will be in the big leagues within 2 years. He is mature and throws a pretty tough pitch to hit.

JMHO. He should just go on to med school and become an orthopedic surgeon like he had planned. Very few have that ability and talent to do something truly remarkable for the healing of bodies. I do understand the joy that sports brings, but as I said, just my opinion. Which is more likely to bring success at this point in his life?

Why not both? There isn’t a minimum or maximum age limit to med school


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