Kevin Kelley on the NFL's proposed kickoff changes

As you might expect, he has some different ideas.

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Update on this: The committee asked NFL special teams coaches for their input on how to make kickoffs safer, and their suggestion is intriguing. Basically the coaches suggested changing the rules on kickoffs so that the coverage and blocking is more like a punt – no running start for the coverage team, and the returning team must have eight men within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. This avoids the collisions where both coverage players and blockers have a 30-yard head start running at each other.

You rarely hear of concussions on punt coverage, and I think these rules are a reasonable suggestion. Of course the ST coaches want to keep the kickoff; it’s a main reason they have a job. But keeping it in a less destructive form makes sense.

I like this idea - seems like a good adjustment and better than flipping a coin and somebody starts at the 25