Kevin Kelley going to coach college level

Recent story from Mitchell Gladstone

BREAKING | Kevin Kelley is leaving Pulaski Academy after compiling a 216-29-1 record in 18 seasons. He’ll take over Presbyterian College.

The Blue Hose went just 12-28 over their last four seasons.

where’s Presbyterian College located?congratulations to him…wonder if Anthony Lucas gets consideration for the PA job?

South Carolina.

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He’s such an outside the box thinker Presbyterian College will become a Jesuit school.


I am hopeful that this will cool off some of the private school hate out there. Most struggle to compete in their classification.

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Presbyterian is an FCS school in the Big South Conference.

We accidentally found out a little bit about Presbyterian in the Elite Eight. One of the Baylor transfers that tore us to shreds, Adam Flagler, came to Wacko from Presbyterian College. Flagler scored 10 points that night and hit both his trey attempts.

I think it is an FCS school. They play some rent-a-wins with the big boys. This is one plum job for a high school coach.

Pretty low on the totem pole out here as far as FCS schools are concerned.

The Citadel
Charleston Southern

And a few others I think.

Which is why I think they might actually let Kelley do his mad scientist act. They have nowhere to go but up. I doubt they’ll be onside kicking much for a while but they’ll have plenty of chances to go for it on fourth down.

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LOL! And how long do you think it will take him to change the color of the hose pavlov?

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Now he gets to finally recruit.


Well played.

I’m very curious to see how that goes. first of all, just how bold he is to stand by some mathematical principles, and go for it on 4th , onside kick, etc.

But part of the success at PA was that those kids run his system through grade school and middle school, some of those hs players literally have a decade in that system.

and of course, lots of the best local football players just happen to end up there, on academic scholarships if needed. He won’t have that advantage over his opponents now.

This will be fun to watch.


“and of course, lots of the best local football players just happen to end up there, on academic scholarships if needed. He won’t have that advantage over his opponents now.”

Bold statement there holden, can you prove that? or are you simply throwing out accusations?
I was at PA during Kelley’s 1st title run and PA didn’t recruit anyone. I think your 1st statement about how long kids are in the system is the biggest factor in PAs success.

CK is a great guy, strong Christian, family guy type. Everyone in the PA family has wondered just how long he would stay and now we know. Hate to lose him, but if CK wants to prove his system is more than a gimmick, he needed to make a move. Will be excited to watch his progress and I’d bet Presbyterian gets some TV time bc of how CK coaches.

I saw a post above suggesting Anthony Lucas for the HC gig, I would prefer Todd Wood. He’s at Russellville currently, but was at PA for years and his wife used to teach there. (Edi and Todd are friends of the family and she was my teacher at one point) Coach Wood designed the current PA defensive scheme (which isn’t talked about enough) plus he knows the offense, he knows the current assistants and he understands the culture at PA. I hope he gets strong consideration for the job.

swine, my son played football at Robinson middle school, which I really enjoyed. loved our coaches and players. One of our players went to PA for HS, to play football. his family didn’t have the financial resources to pay ofr PA, but he received a financial scholarship to attentd. Clearly recruited to play football.

the young man in questions remains one of my son’s best friends years later, in fact spent the night at our house last weekend. great kid, great family. and like a lit of the PA Kids, he was not ever going to play college football, but was a good fit for the PA system.

I wasn’t attempting to be overly critical of PA, in fact this practice was so common in LR that I’m surprised that anyone questioned my fairly benign description of things. If you attended PA, then I’m very surprised that you are surprised. PA is not Auburn, they aren’t recruiting tons of D1 football players, but they’ve always been good at attracting players for their system.

btw-I’m tyyping with about a 5 second delay, my computer is weird, so sorry for the typos


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If PA is recruiting, they are recruiting a bunch of upper middle class or upper class white boys.

Kids go there because they like successful programs.

Btw, I’m not even a PA fan. I always pull for their opponents. However, I do respect what they’ve done.

People always throw out the recruiting accusations, but it has never been proven.

There is no HS recruiting taking place anywhere these days. Wink wink. :wink::wink:

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It’s only at private schools. Wink wink

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All you have to do is look at their roster and see they are fairly average size high school kids. But they are intelligent, work hard, and have time in the system as other posters have said.