Kevin Harlan and Dan Bonner

Those guys are an outstanding team. They do just a great job calling and analyzing a game. Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas are my very favorite team, but Harlan and Bonner can hold their own.

Even more impressive is that they called/are calling 3 games today/tonight: Baylor/Wisconsin, Hogs/Tech, and now OSU/OSU.

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I’m a Lisa Byington fan too. She does a good job on play by play.

I’d never heard Lisa Byington before this weekend but she is good. I’m surprised that some people weren’t on here complaining about her voice (let’s be real here, what they’re saying is that a woman shouldn’t be doing play by play). If she’d done our game I’m sure they would. Her main gig is on Big Ten Network but also does some games for FS1. BTW, she played college hoops and soccer at Northwestern.

Saw some people complaining last night that they thought Harlan and Bonner were biased. I don’t see it. The one thing announcers want is a good game, and they got one. Both teams got credit for good plays.


I always enjoy listening to Harlan call NBA games. I was glad to see he was calling our game I thought they did a really good job. He is entertaining as well like his play by play call on the cat at the Super Bowl a couple years ago and his call on the streaker this year.

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Totally agree. The game call and commentary was good. I also enjoyed the lady mentioned as well. I listened to the game after ours as well, and it was well called.

I’m not surprised that you are surprised. Would this have been brought up, if you did not bring it up? Regarding being real, not all of us assume that our “real” is the real “real”.

LOL. If you think sexism isn’t in play here, you’re even more clueless than Todd Fuhrman. But then I already knew that. I will admit to one mistake here: Reading your response. Won’t be repeated.

Ouch! Don’t think I said that sexism was not in play, just that you chose to bring it into the discussion. I guess not reading my my responses will give you more time to arrange the step ladder for mounting your high horse!

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I thought Kevin Harlan was great as usual, but I thought Dan Bonner had some predetermined points he wanted to get in at the expense of missing what actually was happening.


Harlan and Bonner are good and last night was no exception. I also think an intense game with 2 good coaches like last night brings out the best in commentators to.
Well except for Walton or Dickie V.

Harlan is a Hall of Famer

Ian Eagle is the best.

On college hoops or the NFL. He is better than Nantz.

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