Kevin Cross

is leaving Nebraska.

Man, didn’t realize that Nebraska was 7-25 last season.

No wonder they are having a turnover

His father is saying, he is interested in the Hogs.

Watch this clip. Realize only one game but was the end of the season in Big 10 Tourney. We don’t have a scholarship currently but if Isaiah leaves this would be a good use of it. He’d have to sit out.

Interesting to see him on the perimeter so much with that size. Also has good athleticism for that size. Not sure it deserves a scholarship, though, especially since he has to sit a year.

I don’t think he’s going anywhere that isn’t going to give him a scholarship. If he’s worth adding he’s worth a scholarship. Muss has to determine if he’s worth cutting someone we already have, assuming Zay comes back.

Last year I was told he was not a D1 prospect when I started pushing for us to take a look at him. He would have played his way on to the court for us last year.

Tulane bound

He was definitely a Division I player, but I didn’t think a definite elite one.

He has obviously continued to develop and has talent and skills, but it looks as if consistency will be the key for him.

As it is for most young basketball players

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