Kevin Cross video


This video looks to be cut from the state tourney and the championship game in Hot Springs. Been into recruiting going back to the early 70’s living just outside of Memphis and was a big tiger fan until Eddie Sutton showed up at Arkansas and gave the state basketball to cheer for. Excuse me, this kid can play.

Talking to his dad early in the season it looked as if the offers were t coming bc of test scores … well they’ve been pouring in the last 3-4 weeks for him … so I’m assuming that has been resolved.

Probably not quite 6’8
Post defending and pick and roll def May be issue for him on next level
Athleticism level will be a somewhat challenge for him on next level
Extremely skilled ball player
Probably will get off floor a little better with college training and nutrition
Better than any 4-5 we have on campus
Good kid too