Kevin bolden question

I’ve mentioned before how I think he’s really good and I’m not looking forward to losing him as a GA.

I know he works with the WRs with Stepp, but I figure he could handle special teams if he really wanted to.

What if they hired him as a special teams coordinator, now? I imagine that the DL could be handled by Caldwell.

He’s young, special teams have been horrible so it’s not like improving it would be a daunting task. He’s got potential to be one of if not the best recruiters on this staff. It would allow us to keep him even for several years more I would assume.

Do you think this is a possibility? They have sent him out recruiting already due to the open spot.

I think Morris is going to hire a DL coach. That’s what he seemed to be saying Wednesday.

It’s Kelvin.

He is a bright young man.

Right, must’ve been auto corrected to kevin.

I’m high on him, mainly because it’s easy to see he’s a natural recruiter. That’s the most important thing IMO in an assistant coach.