I know he’s had a disappointing season, but does anyone think he won’t have a monster game today? I can’t wait for that guy to leave Gainesville. Would be nice if we could beat him once before he leaves.

He is a career 40% shooter. Against us I bet it’s around 60%. :roll:

Allen is due for one tough game against the hogs!


On Neutral: 3-10 (33%) 10 points

At AR: 7-16 (44%) 21

Home: 2-6(33%) 10 points
5-16(31%) 12 points
8-12(66%) 28 points

So away from home against AR he’s 10-26 (38%) 15.5 ppg

Overall against AR he is 25-60 (42%) 16.2 ppg

Career at FL: FG 44% 12.47ppg

What’s interesting, in response to Navy’s post, is until his game against us this year, his career against AR was 35%, which is 9% below his career average at FL. In fact, even with it, he’s still at 42% which is below his career average.

Last thing I’ll add is that he has scored more than his average against AR, but that has come on less efficient shooting, which probably hurts the team overall - granted they’ve always won. I guess what I’m saying is if it wasn’t for KA, FL might have beat us by more points ??

He is a career .404 percent shooter. … len-1.html

Navy, you are correct on 40.4%. I missed that zero. I stand by the rest of it though, that he’s been less efficient against AR up until this last game at home. And still far from 60%.

Of course he will, we don’t defend the three point line very well and I am sure he always has added incentive when A. Beard is on the other side.

I’m sure he will light us up like he always does but then then a good shooter should hit the open shot.he shoots bad against other teams because they are in his face.

Are you a Trump fan? Because I see some alternative facts.

I just looked it up and he was 5-16 as Freshman, 12-22 as a Soph and 8-12 as a Jr against the Hogs = 25-50 (50%), 15-26 from 3-pt (57%) with a total of 82 pts (16.4 ppg). … ughn-allen

Someone needs to knock him on his ass the first couple of times he drives the lane

Preferably Beard

Preferably Beard

I agree, but only as Big Dan swats KA’s shot into the 4th or 5th row.

We generally do a good job guarding him. He has made some deep deep shots or some crazy well guarded shots against us that he does not make against other teams. He is generally more aggressive shooting against us.

Arkansas born players seem to shine against us. But so do out of state guys on our team against their home state schools, like CJ against Bama. Jimmy Whitt has his best Arkansas game at Missouri.

Allen had 2 the first half. Not a factor yet.

He finally played against us like he had against most conference teams this year.

But, I was most excited about the way we guarded Chiozza. We finally stuck to shooters and didn’t fall for his token penetration designed to result in a kick out 3. We made him work and gave him the midrange shot rather than layups or 3s.

The defense in the last 30 minutes was awesome.