Keuchel's pitching today for Chisox

Game Two for Chicago after they won Game 1 at Oakland yesterday, so this could clinch the series for the White Sox. Game starts at 2 p.m. Central on ESPN. James McCann caught yesterday and went hitless but the Sox pitching was very good, with Lucas Giolito perfect through the sixth inning.

I saw some of the game yesterday. The commentators spoke several times about how much Giolito appreciated James’ catching. They also mentioned that many White Sox fans wondered why McCann had not played more during the season.

As a side note, I drove right past the Sox’ ballpark going through Chicago to and from my work site in Indiana; it’s right on the I-90 freeway. From a distance at first I thought it was Soldier Field. Bigger than I thought it would be for some reason.

As a White Sox fan, I’ve been absolutely pulling my hair out over Encarnacion getting close to double the at bats that McCann’s been getting. Encarnacion has been a a great hitter, the key words being “has been”. It was understandable during the first 30 games, thinking he would break out of the slump. I believe I’m correct in saying he never got above .200 average. He’s been mired in the .160s to .170s the entire last half of the season.

I was ecstatic to see James and Grandal in the game at the same time yesterday. Hopefully that will continue, but if I had to bet, we’ll probably see Encarnacion in and James, with his .280 ave., on the bench today.

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