Keuchel placed on 10 day injured list - update 9/15 & 17

Well, shoot. Only 17 games left and the White Sox sure didn’t need this. It doesn’t sound too bad though. It’s back spasms and they placed him on the list on 9/7, so he may only miss one start, which would be tomorrow’s. The Sox really need a healthy Keuchel down the stretch!

Drat. I’m not too surprised. I was watching the game when he came out because of the spasm.

Keuchel is “penciled in” for Thursday’s start against the Twins. Great news!

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Saw Keuchel listed as a Cy Young candidate which of course would be his second. His HR allowed rate this year (2 in 53.1 innings) is just ridiculously low in the current launch-angle era of baseball.

Bad news for Keuchel and the Sox. I guess he’s still not fully recovered. Lopez has been named as the starting pitcher for today’s game against the Twins. This is a huge game for play-off positioning. I really hope Keuchel’s back spasms don’t continue for the duration of the season.

Edit: Keuchel not starting may not be a bad thing. Renteria is insinuating that there is another reason for not starting Keuchel today. The Sox are working out the rest of the schedule so that Keuchel and Giolito will be available for the first 2 games of the playoffs. That would mean Keuchel would start in the 2nd or 3rd game of the Cincinnati series. He said they will also adjust Giolito’s starts to make that happen.