Ketron Jackson pulls the trigger


would LOVE him to be a hog, great get. could really help our program. Let’s hope this decision is the last one.


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Awesome! Sounds like a great addition. Great job guys!!

Great news. Welcome aboard Mr. Jackson. Looking forward to seeing your many quality contributions as a Hog and beyond.
That moves us up to #21 in the recruiting rankings. This coaching staff has not coached a game yet, but they are obviously adept at convincing quality recruits that this is where they want to be. Looking very good at this point!

Welcome to Hogville Mr Jackson.


I said what I did in August because the commitment video was in the works. That was the strong reason for me believing Arkansas.

Yesterday there was some pretty strong Texas stuff floating around but in the end his Arkansas relationships & the Hogs recruiting him harder than anybody else won out.

Now you have keep him on board.


They should just let coach stepp recruit every position. He’s well on his way to the best recruiter we’ve had in my lifetime


Woo Pig! Great get! Now hold on!!! ghg

I know it ain’t over till it’s over but when we overcome a late push by a player’s dream school in his home state (or, more accurately, they could not overcome us), it says a lot about our recruiting and what we have to offer (in terms of coaches, facilities, fans, academics, you name it).

Keep that poor kid away from the mouth breathers on Hogville


As opposed to the ones here?

Hog2009, I’m not sure what I think about you, but that post made me chuckle. :mask:

AWESOME talent. Ketron will be a feared receiver in this offense. Big time get.
Happy to have him on our team, the quality of player that elevates the momentum
in recruiting.

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