Kermit Davis

Just listened to the post game press conference. My first time really hearing him talk… dude is such a whiner and just throws his player under the bus on that last play. Then he was talking about something where he was going to get the league office to review the play at the end. I have no idea what he wants them to review, there was absolutely nothing there. Then the Tyree kid, throws his teammate under the bus right beside him and he just encourages it.

Kermit Davis should have blamed himself, CMA seen what he was doing, he called timeout made an adjustment, and he still went with the same play anyway. He just got outcoached and then tried to blame the player. That’s one thing I love about CMA, even if it is a player’s fault… he’ll NEVER throw his player under the bus.

Link to post game press conference

Wow, players don’t always do what they are coached to do. What a thought. I’m assuming that even goes for Jimmy and Joes?

Was kind of hollow when he talked about how well he did in practice all the time and then immediately trashed his whole team, then lame and sarcasticly said ‘But I take full responsibility for it’ . Well, no, you don’t, you just blamed your whole team for it. Geez, and people were hyped on this guy just a couple weeks ago. No thanks, he can’t break a trap in the back court.

Yea, he came off like a real jerk. I wouldn’t want to play for him. And his attitude seems to be rubbing off on his players, if you notice during the game, Barry Booker pointed out how they were starting to break and you seen them start arguing and blaming each other for stuff on the court.

I’m very curious to see how he’s going to do in the SEC when he doesn’t have Andy Kennedy’s players. Say what you want about Kennedy, but he could always recruit really good guards and he left some good one’s with Kermit Davis.

I did not like his post game press conference, but there is significant evidence that he can coach. His team was picked last in the conference, so the team has exceeded expectations. If you watch Barnes at Tennessee, it seems that both are pretty hard on their kids during the game, however I don’t recall him throwing players under the bus. The common thread may be that both have experienced teams, so you can coach them a bit harder.

Kermit is an old friend.He’s a good guy who married an Arkansas girl. He has a lot of Arkansas family and friends. This is what he said about us.

“It was a great atmosphere,” Davis said. “The last time I’ve been at Bud Walton I was an assistant at LSU and Nolan had some good teams. It’s a great atmosphere. It’s always been such a great venue and Arkansas fans are unbelievable to come out like they did and the team had lost six in a row. It’s a tribute to Arkansas basketball.

Topic isn’t about how good of a person he is outside of baskeball. I’m pretty sure you ask most people if Calapari is a good family guy, they would say yes. This topic is about him throwing his player under the bus on this interview which he absolutely did, doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or doesn’t have family and friends, just means he threw his player under the bus lol.

There’s one thing for sure he can coach! If someone needs to call the SEC office about officiating it sure isn’t Ole Miss it needs to be CMA.
Kermit Davis took a Ole Miss team last year that just flat laid down and picked to finished last in conference play and they will be dancing! That’s all really that matters.
I don’t care for SEC refs in any sport. The hogs got the win but they made it difficult by not being strong with the ball and more than just a few questionable calls that went their way. Maybe in the near future we start beating them and it not being close.

Kermit Davis has done a great job of turning Rebel basketball into a winner. He took a modestly talented team to a upper level record in a SEC. If you take the 2 one point losses last week and flip them to wins, Ole Miss would be a hot, dangerous team in post season play.

Does anyone really think that the talent is that much better at Ole Miss than at Arkansas ?

The preseason expectations were higher at Arkansas than Ole Miss. The Rebel have overperformed, The Razorbacks are about where they were picked. On paper, it looks like Davis did a better job than Anderson this year. Is that a fluke? I don’t know but I hope so.

I hope that we can win the next 2 games. We should. WPS

Kermit Davis had players with experience.
That the difference between the two teams
They are at least 10 to 15% better at the feee throw line than we are so that where they win a lot of games.
The hogs will be better next year with players with experience. Ole Miss should never be better than our hogs!

I’ve stayed away from the basketball boards for several days just because didn’t want to read about basketball, the team, or criticisms of it. However, I do want to say how much I like beating Ole Miss. I know it won’t make much difference to whatever post-season chances we might still have, but it’s still fun to beat OM. If we did nothing more than keep them from getting into the NCAA, I’m even happier.

He has done a good job.

Interestingly, though, if we win tomorrow, with one game left, he will be a whopping 2 spots and 2 games better than us in the SEC and 3 games better, overall in a season in which many fans are calling for MA’s head while hyping Kermit for Coach of the Year.

Mississippi also may not make the NCAAT, either.

I guess it’s about perspective. If MA had started 18-7, 8-4 and lost 4 of 5 (including to a team on a 6-game losing streak) for a program that hadn’t been to the NCAAT since 2015, I don’t think many people, here, would be talking about what a great job he had done. That’s an educated guess.