Kermit Davis fired

The Rebnecks fired Kermit after 5 season and a 50% winning record. No surprise in that move.

He wasn’t blindsided so to speak, 50% winning percentage won’t carry water in Sec! WPS

I thought at the time that Davis was a solid hire for OM. He certainly had sustained success at MTSU but that obviously didn’t translate to the SEC. Oh well, next up. OM is a tough program at which to win consistently in basketball.

They should have never let Rob Evans get away.


Watch out for Chris Beard here now that charges have been dropped. Ole Miss would take some heat but they would consider it worth it.

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Kermit Davis is a good coach. He just couldn’t get it done at Ole Miss. I don’t care who they hire!

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Miss Piggy must be devastated. :rofl:

Seriously though, nobody seems to agree with me on this, but you have to think they’ll take a run at Mike White.


Davis should be the only guy to get fired this season. Kentucky has righted the ship of late, and they would it be really expensive to fire Calipari. Vandy has improved to take the heat off Stackhouse, and everyone else is either in the first year or two and/or winning at a good clip.

It’s been interesting that all of the drama at New Mexico State seems not to have touched Gans at Mississippi State. The recently fired HC that replaced him was an assistant on his staff. I’m not sure if any of the players involved in the hazing/shooting were on the team last year, or if there has been any allegation that the toxic team culture stared while Gans had the job.

maybe they go after Mike Anderson?

With the Alabama situation, Beard being hired wouldn’t be so offensive for some in this Conference. A man who beats his girlfriend against a coach who basically looks the other way when his star player contributes to the murder of a young woman.

That would be a great hire for Ole Miss.

Not that I want Ole Miss to be good, but he did play there.

John Pelphrey should be available. :roll_eyes:


Cheap too… :wink:

Really cheap.

Kermit Davis is a very good coach they’ve had some injury problems… I don’t think they’re going to be able to get a whole lot better

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Mike might be available cheap

Don’t see that happening. They’ll go for an under 50 this time.

I agree. I knew this was going to be a tough job for Kermit or anyone else. Kermit married a girl from my hometown, that I knew quite well. Sorry it ended this way, but happy for them that he was able to set up his retirement very nicely with that five year run at OM.

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They very well might. Assuming Keith and Mike are tight. Not sure that would be a great move for MW though. Personally, I would rather coach at Georgia. MW may well feel differently.

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