Keon Hatcher

Hoping Keon gets chance to showcase his talents in all star games. He often did not receive the notoriety of some of the other Hogs, but he endured injury and ended up having a good career. Always seemed to be very much a clutch receiver and he will be missed. Hatcher, Sprinkle and Morgan all leave big shoes to fill. Loved Sprinkle’s athletic ability, Morgan’s fire, but can’t say either were any more productive or important to the team than Hatcher.

So correct, Keon worked hard from overcoming his early struggles to being the man you could count on, then the untimely injury and working his butt off to get back on the field with his team mates showed some real character and leadership. If he gets his shot I think he just might surprise.

And he didn’t spit the bit at the end and let his team down when it counted. Big fan of Keon Hatcher and wish him the very best.