Keon Hatcher on getting his dreads taped

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He did against TCU. Said he might keep doing it some. You’d think after a finish like that, you’d be inclined to keep taping them up.

I wondered if it was painful to get the tape off after the game, but he said it wasn’t a big deal, all they did was unravel it.

I am curious. I understand that hair is considered to be part of the uniform and can be grabbed to help tackle a player with the ball. But the back collar of the uniform cannot be grabbed without getting a 15 yard “horse collar” penalty. If grabbing from behind at the collar is so dangerous they had to ban it, why isn’t grabbing the hair (which is nearly in the same place and, I would guess, would generate the same potential for injury) not also banned?

I’m pretty sure you can grab the jersey from behind. You just can’t grab the shoulder pads from behind and tackle with them.

I’ve seen NFL players have their dreads pulled out. I can’t imagine why any offensive player would want to take that risk.

Matt, I think it must be the girls.

Maybe a little gel on the locks will deter the tacklers. I recall offensive linemen putting silicone on their jerseys to keep defensive linemen from gaining an advantage, and vice versa. Guess that isn’t legal. But no one says you can’t put a little something on your locks.

because pulling the hair is preventable…cut that crap off if you don’t want your hair pulled!!!

Hair like that sure seems like a lot of added drama and weight. Now I do recall my time during the 70’s and having some flowing locks streaming from my helmet. Also remember my coach’s pulling it very hard every chance they got just for kicks, until I finally cut some, but only some of it off.