Keon Ambrose-Hylton visit update

He enjoyed seeing how the community supported the Hogs.

The Catfish Hole experience was a big plus. He loved seeing people of all ages calling the Hogs.

His mother was impressed with the breakdown of his game while hitting on academics and other areas.

Keon wanted to see how he would be developed if he came to Arkansas and he came away impressed with the presentations, slides and facts about how he can improve his game.

I asked there was a moment during the visit that he could see himself at Arkansas and he mentioned being at Muss’ house on Saturday night and being with the players.

The visit help Arkansas’ chances? His quote “It’s gone higher.”

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Love it! Thanks for the report RD. After talking with him do you feel we lead for him or just in contention with other schools for him? If that even makes sense haha.

I wouldn’t say lead but I would say definitely in the hunt. Kind of hard to really know when you just talk to someone for five minutes.