Kentucky's Lofty Stats Overrated?

10 of their 14 wins against teams currently in RPI Group #4.

Just saying…

There’s a reason DVH scheduled the way he did for the first month of the season. To get ready for the SEC. We are, the Jellycats aren’t.

Kentucky won two of three from Texas Tech last week. Texas Tech is a potential national championship team.

proven and will continue to show it, taking the series and maybe a sweep will help us win a Super regional because KY will have a good year. Scheduling is what it is for KY and most of the SEC.

Maybe their rating is justified and we have been underrated…

It’s not easy on the road in the SEC. This is a good Arkansas team and Baum Stadium is a tough place to play. We probably take a few things for granted at times. One thing I don’t take for granted, is that Baum is a special place.

This is an experienced Arkansas team. I’ve said all along that it’s a special group. What I saw in the fall was very impressive.

Going on the road to California is not easy for a cold-weather team to start the season. But it served its purpose. As one of the players Wednesday night said, this team was ready for SEC play. They’d been in the fire.

Kentucky is VERY talented. It might be a CWS team. And, the Hogs may be a CWS team, too. It’s a long grind over the next two months, but I bet Kentucky wins a lot of games in the SEC.

as elite as their early-season stats might have suggested. :stuck_out_tongue: