7:35 left UK by 1.
Free Throws
UGA less than 10 attempts.
UK 20/24.
Our friend Tony Greene doing work:sunglasses:

Half of Kentucky points have came from the I formation running in and getting the call. They have gotten away with hacking Georgia in the second half. It miserable for a referee to perform like this and it’s more amazing that the SEC office continues to allow it.

Total coincidence. Uk was just the much more aggressive team. UGA settled for too many jump shots.

Kentucky added a new play to defense. Tripping and no call. The whistles cost Georgia this game. It’s a shame.
Notorious Pig. Did you watch the game?
Or are you a closet Greaseball fan?

Georgia guards will be susceptible to our pressure if we’re allowed to pressure in Athens. Which Kentucky team shows up to play us? The one that destroyed Louisville a few days ago or this bunch of bricklayers that just escaped by getting double free throw attempts…

I watched the KY/GA game and the Bama/aTm game yesterday. The other five star at Bama (Bama’s Mr Basketball, NOT Sexton) had several turnovers. The announcer said he dribbled the ball like he was 6’5, I got the same opinion watching KY and Ga, their guards tend to stand up instead of bending over when dribbling. Our guards should have a field day with turnovers.

As for the KY/GA game, I’m pretty sure KY had three extra guys, heck one announcer brought up the rule change about substitutions after a guy fouls out. He said he couldn’t understand why the officials wasn’t enforcing KY to follow the rule. All I could think was, IT’S KY.

Bake that’s pure a simple 5 taking on 8 that entire game!