On a day that my hogs suffer a horrible loss. There is hope. Cal is taking a licking from Florida and on Malik Monk’s birthday.
Good day after all!

Yep, and AUB has a chance to win at Bama. 78-72 1:12 left

Auburn did win

So did Florida

KY lost 3 of their last 4, and the one they won was OT at Rupp

Kentucky has proven if you get back on D and not let them get run outs that they are very beatable. Calapari and Ma are both in the same situation in one aspect and that’s there’s little either can do to change the way they are playing. Nothing they say or do down the stretch will change what they have preached and coached for the last 21 games is pretty much ingrained in your team and to change your philosophy at this point would be very unlikely to stick. Kentucky has so much talent that at the beginning of the season they are able to just run over teams but as the season continues most teams start coming together and improving each game while Ky continues to play the same way they started the season. Teams with above average talent and solid coaching of the fundamentals over take teams such as Ky with just talent and below average coaching. The media continues to talk up the great coaching Calapari does by throwing his NCAA appearances and his championship out there continually. My question is did his teams get all these things done because of Calapari’s coaching or in spite of Calapari’s coaching? WPS

Way solid post that brought up excellent points to think about. CMA could at least stop trapping teams with good guards so much. I think we all can say CMA is a good man, but he needs to adjust his defensive calls to more Man or Zone instead of soooo much trapping. We are constantly out of position against teams with good guards.

Yes, there are some subtle changes that could be made, to change your philosophy would have to wait until next season. Just to be clear, I have been critical of MA coaching but never have or will speak bad of MA as a person for any reason as he is a very upstanding man. WPS