is similar to A&M with little guard depth, but they come in waves on the inside (not as talented as A&M, but more of them). Very long and say what you will about Cal, but his kids play hard and defend. Similar to the A&M game got to scramble them up and gang rebound.

It’s going to be a crazy environment tonight.

I anticipate the refs let them play in the first half and tighten it up in the second half. Someone keep FT stats from 1st Half to 2nd Half. I think it will tell the story of the game.

Navy Kentucky will make more free throws tonight than the hogs attempt! They have played poor defense most of the season. The last game they were better late in the second half.
If we rebound tonight like we did against A&M we should win!
The 3 point line will be huge for the hogs.
Stopping Kevin Knox is the key to stopping their offense.
Come on hogs open up the game making shots and clearing up the defensive glass!

Knox is a stud and Green and Gilgeous-Alexander are a solid backcourt. It’s going to be a dogfight.

Who’s Fiona help the bear?

we couldn’t block out me! and their size inside is Killing us!