Kentucky players died in car crash?

All over Twitter that two basketball players have died in a car wreck.

God I hope this is false.

Kennedy Chandler tweeted “This can’t be true” with the heart breaking emoji.

Matt Zimmerman just tweeted “Prayers for Big Blue Nation”

Terrence Clarke passed.

BJ Boston is fine.

Looks like Terrance Clarke has died…so sad

Chris Lykes tweeted something about TClarke earlier, didn’t know what he meant. Now I understand.

Horrible tragedy! Prayers to their families.

Prayers lifted for the family of this young man and his former teammate.

Just terrible! prayers for the family!

That is so sad. This has been an awful year for Kentucky. If Terrance hadn’t got hurt in the fifth game and lost for the season, a good bet Kentucky would have been a much better team. He was their best player. And now this.

Bad deal. Always hate when this happens, especially when it is such a young person.
My Sophomore year, my roommate was killed in a crash near Rogers. Herd about it on a clock radio that woke me up the next morning. Never will forget that.

Really horrific news. Sad and stunned. When we heard it while watching the baseball game it was like a sadness fell over my wife and I. When you have three grown children and have had some near tragedies these events kind of stagger you for a time. Prayers for the family and the Kentucky programs. It’s a loss all of them feel.

Colorado I can only imagine how hard that was at that age.

So sad when young people leave here too soon.

It’s unimaginable. We have dear friends whose 27 year old granddaughter had a horrible car accident a 10 days ago. She is in ICU on a vent. They most likely will have to make a decision to keep her on life support or not Monday. Prayers for all hurting…

So sorry LD…life can be very tough at times.

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When I was 20 I slid off US 270 west of Mount Ida one Friday night, and 20 yards down an embankment. Wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Don’t know how I didn’t roll the car down that hill. Came out of it with a concussion, stitches in one ear and a feeling of being very, very lucky that I didn’t end up like Terrance Clarke. It’s so sad.

Absolutely heartbreaking news.

Very sad… his teammate was following Clarke in a different vehicle and witnessed the tragedy.

Terrible, terrible news. God bless the family.

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Sending prayers for the family and friends.