Kentucky @ Our HOGS

Kellen Grady will demand special defensive attention. No disrespect to Tshiewebe, but Grady is the most dangerous player on the court for UK.

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I agree about Grady! He will and can make some well guarded 3’s. All you can do with him is play solid defense and minimize his shots. The big man will suck up rebounds once the ball goes up the hogs have to attacks the glass to clean up the defensive rebounds too!

Some folks will tell you that refs, and coaches (and probably players), make in-game decisions based on betting lines and point spreads. It’s common knowledge! But these same folks are still “fans.”

What in the Sam Hill are you talking about here?

Please explain and paint a better picture of this statement.

Just fleshing out the argument that refs have favored teams and call games accordingly and offering another reason why, which has been advanced on this board, and which if true would make me turn away from sports but others seem to accept as part of the game.

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