Kentucky @ Our HOGS

After watching Kentucky play LSU tonight I think our hogs can beat Kentucky! They scored 23 points in the first half and in the second half LSU basically couldn’t stay out of foul trouble or stop the ball!
I was hoping LSU would win but now it’s up to our hogs to control their our path for a seed in the SEC tournament! The 2 spot is there if they win out!
1 game at a time beat the Cats!


I don’t make it a habit to bash the refs, but since I didn’t have a dog in this hunt, it seemed they had to bail Ky out 4 or 5 times during the game. It was very obvious, and Muss will have to guard against this.

Kentucky is a huge basketball team. We will have to be incredibly efficient on defense to allow it to create our offense because I really don’t see us doing that great against them in the half court. Foul trouble will play a big part in how this turns out. We cannot lose JD or J Will for any length of time and win the game I don’t think.

May I ask what this means?

He’s saying KY gets preferred calls by refs, and that Arkansas comparatively does not. So Muss had better watch out.

I disagree with him, BTW. Refs show no favoritism for or against Arkansas. It all evens out.

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Our hogs show more discipline than LSU. That makes our matchup with the cats more competitive. Kentucky got questionable calls on their end like always and the refs swallowed the whistle on the other end. Look at the free throw difference between the 2 teams. LSU 18. Kentucky 32. I think that’s what I read on the box score.
LSU played a good first half but after that they shoot themselves out of the game and failed hustle.
Our hogs will play 5 against 8! Don’t count on the calls even at home.

One of those refs was Byron Jarrett of Little Rock.

He called in the NBA at one time.

It’s the first time I’ve seen him doing an SEC game.

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UK seems to be vulnerable to the press without their point guards. That’s not typically part of our MO, but if that’s a weakness you need to attack it, at least intermittently.

Doesn’t Arkansas lead the country in FTs attempted and made? Or close to it? That would seem to defeat the theory that the refs are inevitably going to screw Arkansas. It’s such a tired refrain. Maybe we should give it up. Bad calls go both ways, ultimately evenly.

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I think Kentucky is very good. Their last 13 games seem to parallel ours except Kentucky seems to be winning by a greater margin. And of course, they blew out Kansas at Kansas (who blew out West Va twice). We struggled with height at Florida, versus one guy. Height will be an issue versus Kentucky. Good that we’re at home.

Tough being a ref for sure. We were at our 8 year old granddaughters basketball game Saturday and a grandma sitting next to us was giving the refs down the road. It was actually funny. I’ve been known to get on them at times. I doubt there is a fan out there that refrains from griping. But agree in the end they don’t typically change the outcome of games.

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Oh I actually think they can change the outcome of games. I just don’t think they do it consciously to allow one side or another to win the game. For example, I don’t think the group of refs would try to call a game so that Kentucky would be more prone to win it. I think a lot of the conspiracy theorists on this board believe that happens. But I don’t and think it’s silly.

NCAA free throw attempts: 1. Arkansas 637. 2. A&M-Corpus Christi 625 (TAMCC has played one fewer game so per-game average is slightly higher).

NCAA FT made: 1. Arkansas 475 2. Portland 464. 3. TAMCC 462. (Portland is way down in attempts but shoots 80% to our 74+)

But obviously everyone is out to screw us 24/7/365.

Good point. I agree that their is no conspiracy going on with refs. But some are better than others.

They were without 2 starters

Following college basketball and football for over fifty years leaves me with a strong belief that you are incorrect. Lots of favoritism has been obvious in favor of many teams. Refs are human, some have favorites, some can be financially influenced, and some don’t keep their emotions in check. I am not even weighing their level of competence.

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Duke/KY/Kansas get more than their share of the calls. At the 6:50 mark in the KY/LSU game, KY was in the double bonus and had one foul called against them (KY did pick up four fouls before half). I don’t believe there is any conspiracy against the Hogs, but I’m sure glad we play KY at home with 20 plus thousand screaming in the ref’s ears.

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All I will say about the refs is this, Do Not under any circumstances get yourself in a position to have the refs blow the whistle at a critical point of the game for a 50/50 call…. WPS

Do our coaches let recruits know that refs don’t like us?


About what we need to do against Kentucky to win the game, I know all the obvious scenarios and thoughts as everyone else does with the exception of CEM and that’s the guy that absolutely has the best plan of attack I feel certain. Wether his plan works or not who knows but if had to choose someone he’s the guy I’m going with on Saturday and every other day that ends in “Y”. WPS