Kentucky now 1-6

I just think it’s weird that a blue blood college hoops program that has the top ranked recruiting class would be saying their schedule is too hard.
We can argue the strength of schedule all day.
I just think an “this is too hard” attitude is beneath a program of Kentucky’s stature.

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I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Malik Monk didn’t get a single minute of playing time tonite while his team beat the previously unbeaten Nets. I also don’t know why this brings me so much joy. Actually I do know. I hate business decisions and people forgetting where they came from. Go Hogs!

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Malik Monk was in quarantine because of a positive COVID test, is now back with their team practicing and working into game shape. He is expected to start his season sometime this week.

So Malik has satisfied the NBA with his substance abuse rehab and protocol to I guess.

He’s been playing. Just got a DNP CD last night.

Addendum: he played preseason, yet to play in reg season. YouTube TV and Hulu’s fight with the fox regional sports affiliates is killing me. I’ve yet to watch the hornets this year, legally

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