Kentucky now 1-6

I have rather enjoyed the historically bad start by the ‘Cats… however,

At the risk of speaking in absolutes, it looks like any SEC team that finishes below Kentucky in the the conference standings will likely be on the wrong side of the NCAAT bubble.

Very few sec teams would have a better record with that non-conference schedule, including the hogs

Two different approaches to tune up for sec play

Kentucky always benefits from the invitations to play against top competition in the preseason

Let’s see what happens now. The hogs need to raise their game to another level. Out record means very little, as indicated by not being ranked. Love seeing the cats lose. But what happens in the rest of the season from this point is all that matters.

Good point, Dog. We are going to have to earn a ranking. After being off the basketball radar for most of the past 20 years, we are going to have to earn our way back onto it.

According to Pomeroy, we’ve played the #296 schedule in the country. That’s weak, y’all. Even though we’re winning every game by double figures, we ain’t played nobody. Tulsa would have helped (#88 in Pomeroy, #78 in NET) but we didn’t get to play them. Abilene Christian is the only top-100 RPI team we’ve played, but their NET is bad and their Pomeroy rating isn’t much better.

Auburn will easily be the toughest team we’ve played so far. We’ll know a lot more after Wednesday night, assuming that game gets played (SoCar has already postponed their league opener against UK because of the virus). Then Mizzou will be a real test. Win those two, we’ll be ranked.

It seems that no matter what the Schedule is, some people won’t be satisfied. For some, if we don’t have a Murder’s Row Schedule, Like playing Duke, Kansas, UNC, Arizona, Gonzaga, and Indiana Back to Back to Back, we are playing a weak schedule. And what if we did and started the season 1-7 or 2-6? People would be howling. Teaching a team to play together and win means more than playing tough and losing.

There is value to that, but it’s also why an 8-0 team isn’t ranked.

We are also in the middle of a pandemic. Nobody is criticizing the schedule and the circumstances of this season, except maybe the people who don’t think we should be having a basketball season right now. I personally am not holding my breath that we will make it through a complete season and have March madness. But as long as we are playing basketball It’s interesting observation to compare the hogs approach to a blue blood like Kentucky. On one hand Nobody is bad mouthing Arkansas like they are Kentucky right now. But I think we all care what the verdict is at the end of the season more than any opinions in December. I’m curious to see which approach to non conference preparation provides better experience and better results in conference play, and also for resume building in the eyes of the committee. And wow I didn’t realize how terrible our strength of schedule is right now. Hopefully we have a reason to talk about this stuff come March.

According to greaseball “You gotta play games you can win to build confidence. … This was the stupidest schedule I’ve ever put together. I’d like to smack myself in the mouth.”

I noticed a good number of Kentucky losses have been close. A big difference between this team and previous teams is that they would win those close games. They don’t have that “go get me a bucket” guy and they have been shooting very poorly from anywhere.

I am not sure if Kentucky is going to become a good team this year.

While I agree with this, I think the chance of losing those two games is much greater than winning those two games. Winning one of them would be a good thing.

I’m smiling even though I realize now that league play is about to start things are very subject to change for the cats as well as the hogs.But they necessarily don’t have to change for the hogs.We have great athletes as well as great coaches. Staying focused and amping up our game could bring us through with a mighty impressive final record.

I know Calipari keeps saying it, but their schedule isn’t horrible. Yes. It’s way better than Arkansas’.

But, they’ve lost to GTech (4-3 w/ losses to Mercer and GA St) ND (3-4) -2 not very good ACC teams.

They lost to Richmond, a solid mid-major and UNC, who is OK but not vintage UNC). And, today, Louisville was short handed and coming off of a 40-pt loss.

Acting like he has scheduled a murderers’ row is master class Calipari but we shouldn’t fall for it.

For extended periods of time, KY looked really good against Lvile. We would/will have trouble with their shotblocking and transition off those blocks. The game is 4o minutes but they can look impressive in 5 min blocks. I was not encouraged that we are better than them.

Pomeroy has UK with the #17 schedule so far. No, they haven’t played Gonzaga, Illinois and Michigan State, but they’ve only played one cupcake, which is the only game they’ve won. Remember the old way of gaming the RPI was not to load up the schedule with tough teams, but to play nonconference games against teams between 50-150 in the RPI. Just avoiding cupcakes is a way to have a better-than-average schedule.

Warren Nolan has them at #84 SOS, by the way.

It’s not a brutal schedule, but it’s better than average, and it’s obviously more than his players were prepared to handle.

Agree with your post… almost entirely.

“Very few”, to me, means 1 or 2. I disagree (if that’s what you meant) that only 1 or 2 SEC teams would be better than 1-6 at this point if they played the same 7 teams Kentucky has played.

Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, LSU, Florida, and Alabama look like better teams than Kentucky so far. I think most of those 6 teams would be better than 1-6 right now.

Kentucky has had this (non conference) approach before, with similarly inexperienced teams. This “we haven’t had time for team building” (Cal’s explanation) excuse is weak, since everyone else is in the same boat.

I expect the ‘Cats will improve over the next few months… but so will everyone else. Unless they get some much different guard play, they will be looking up in the standings to many of the teams listed above.

Of course, you said it already… what happens the rest of the season is all that matters.

I think we would have done better than Kentucky and won more than one game with that schedule.

I think Kentucky will benefit from the experience and learn from their losses and be tough in conference.

I hope the hogs have as much room to improve and as high of a ceiling as Kentucky’s freshman talent

I think we have a coach that can make it happen and I like his approach of pairing transfers, juco, and freshman talent. Nolan had a knack for bringing in juco impact players. Maybe we will have the toughness that a bunch of freshman “business decision” blue chip recruits are lacking for this kind of whacky season

Does anyone believe Kentucky would not be undefeated with Arkansas’ schedule? That is the reason the Razorbacks are not ranked. The Hogs could very well be a top 20 team, but we won’t know until we play someone.

The biggest concern is lack of road games. Maybe due to the pandemic, this poor schedule could not be avoided, but I don’t believe it has prepared the team for conference play. I know we needed a few warm up games for the players to get to know each other, but we also needed to see what we have against some better competition.

The problem Kentucky has right now is performance of Oliver Sarr and BJ Boston.

Those two have been a huge disappointment right now. Sarr doesn’t look anything like his Wake Forest days. BJ was the ultimate scorer in high school. He was not a three point shooter, but put the ball in his hands and he found a way to score. That is not happening right now.

I think it is more mental with those two right now. There are no sharpshooters on this Kentucky team, but. If those two can get it together, Kentucky could reverse its fortunes. Don’t think this team will ever be a national contender, but if Sarr and BJ can up their game, they could compete in the SEC.

The problem for Kentucky is their Greaseball crying coach. He recruited this team and has put his teams tighter like this for years. He can’t blame anyone but himself and he needs to find another excuse for getting beat.

Maybe Cal should just punch himself in the teeth as he stated. Such a phony.
I wonder if he tells his team I’m sorry I made this schedule this year my bad. Or shows a different attitude in the locker room.
This is the bed he made so sleep in it.