Kentucky & Louisville

Watching these teams go at it reminds me of the glory days at Arkansas in the early and mid 90’s

Monk missed the tying 3 pointer. He was 1-9 from 3 point land. Game was seesaw.

That one he nailed before the typing miss was legit


I have a memory like an elephant and I am a vindictive SOB, so, although he appears to have very good (maybe even great, for all I care) talent, the most enjoyable part of the game was when he was absolutely clocked on a pick. He literally bounced off the guy and landed stretched out flat on his back.

I almost giggled.

Malik played like a freshman last night. He took several bad shots and could not hit his jumper. He played poorly…and Kentucky lost.

On the other hand, the Fox kid is just a great point guard. After watching Kentucky play 3 times, I think he is a better pro prospect than Monk. He is a stud point guard who has incredible speed and can score. Monk is a stud, but as an NBA prospect, he is a small 2. He is kind of a tweener. He will be a good pro, I think. But Fox may be better, in my view.

I can’t wait to watch us play Kentucky. It should be interesting.

Interesting. Bill Simmons on his latest podcast said that MM has the ideal 2 guard body and that he is the leader in the clubhouse for the #1 pick.

Of course, Bill Simmons has been prone to hyperbole and is often a prisoner of the moment.

Utilizing the catch phrase too often used and a bit annoying, Monk’s “body of work” is insufficient for me to see him declared as the next great thing. Just as the 24 news cycle creates a lot of mindless chatter, the 24 hour sports cycle and abundance of talking heads are the great purveyors of over hype or premature hype. These accolades are more likely to have validity when made at seasons end.

I am repeating what I posted before. General consensus of NBA scouts is that Monk is too small for SG and needs to convert himself into a PG like Steph Curry did. However, Monk does play taller than his size. We will see

Whether he converts to PG or stays at 2, he’s going to play in the NBA, perhaps for a long, long time. Just great skill, speed and athleticism. The only two things that can stop him are injuries (which no one can predict) and himself (including the people he puts around him).

Any player who scores 47 against Kentucky immediately goes to the front of the draft list. There will be many more games to decide this, but I don’t argue with anyone who thinks highly of Monk right now. He is VERY streaky with his shot. No doubt, he thinks like a shooter. He’s going to look to shoot first. That 47-point game may cause him some mental problems for a bit. He’s not going to have that kind of a hot streak very often. He needs to be careful not to shoot his team out of games when it’s not there. He came close to doing that last night at 1-of-9.

Great talent who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of sharing the ball. A modern day version of the Houston Cougar’s Rob Williams but with much more talent. A team will live and die with how hot he is. I kind of like what Mike is putting together. Not sure I’d want to put everything on hold for a year while we watch the Malik show.

That’s absolutely ridiculous. There aren’t but a handful of 6’4 2 guards in the NBA, much less being the NBA prototype.

I expect he will be a high pick but I doubt he’s #1. In the last 40 years how many guys under 6’5 have gone #1? How many 2 guards?

As much as I hate to admit it, I think Monks decision to go to UK was the best decision to maximize his near future net worth. Two threads I read earlier solidified my thoughts . One thread mentioned something to the effect of “Arkansas having a weak schedule” and the other was “Game not on TV”. So far this season MM has played the best of the best and has been exposed nationally on countless ocassions (on TV). The likes of Michael Jordan has made promising statements about him.

This weeks lineup is a prime example of what made me finally give it up and move on, we play SHS (Mid major) he plays L’Ville (P 5 Top 10). This weekend we played a down TX, He plays Top 10 NC (Racks up 47 and wins at the buzzer). I am not knocking the Hogs by any means and had MM came here I believe he would have eventually gained national exposure. However he would not have gained anywhere close to this level exposure in our first 11 games as he has with them. People outside the state (some of course inside) would be questioning the level of competition. The more he gets national exposure the more he increases his opportunity for national endorsements when he leaves UK in 2/3 months (and sadly that’s what it comes too). I wish him well and hope he continue to excel, except for when he play the hogs at which time I wish that he has the worst game of his BB life.