Kentucky loses again

Georgia got a layup with 1.3 seconds left to win by 1 at Athens. Jawja had lost 14 straight to the Jellycats. Kentucky now 3-3 in SEC play, Georgia is 2-4.

Kentucky Duke and UNC all unranked and we think we have problems. We don’t even have a 5 star.

Giving up an in-bounds play under the basket for a layup is a tough way to lose. It shouldn’t happen, but then I saw Arkansas give up a dunk on a side out in-bounds play tonight.

I saw auburn give up a dunk on one too!

That Georgia/Kentucky game was really hard to watch. There were talented guys out there, but everybody seemed to be laboring to get anything done.

I can tell you since I live in BBN country that many of my friends, neighbors and lifelong Kentucky fans have already thrown in the towel on this years team. For several years many of these folks have grown tired of the one and done player situation and are slowly getting worn down by Coach Cal and his lack of delivering Championships while seemingly having top or near top talent coming in each season.
I just hope that our Hogs will defeat them in Rupp Arena this year.

Coach Cal is gone he just hasn’t left yet, BBN are not settlers they expect and demand better results. “The head that wears the crown rests uneasy up on the pillow” , coach Cal is not sleeping well of late to say the least, the crown will soon be passed down if Cal doesn’t turn things around soon. WPS

Blaming it on the tough early schedule will get Cal thru this year, but as stated those blue blood Ky fans are already unhappy they haven’t been a dynasty.

It is not just KY, Duke and North Carolina are having same issues. Very hard for fans to assess how much Covid has impacted basketball this year but it has had a big impact. These teams have more talent than most basketball teams but are all having the once in a generational off year. First time since 1961 anyone of the three has not been ranked .

Bagman must have come down with Covid…

The come back win against Auburn was huge. Perhaps it will prove to be the defining point of the season.

But beating Kentucky might be even more important. I have long thought that any SEC team on the NCAAT bubble that is behind Kentucky in the final SEC standings, might be at home watching the games in Indy on TV. (Certainly, there are many factors in that equation)

He got who he wanted, he just can’t get them to play. Reading their bios at Rivals too much? Maybe.

UNC was bad last year before COVID, too, but Duke and UK have fallen off massively,

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