Kentucky left out

10 SEC teams

Ray Tanner said the losing SEC record bit the Jellycats in the butt.

its crazy…get penalized for playing in a brutal division,toughest division in the nation.

All we needed to do was beat LSU at the Box and they could have joined their brothers Kentucky.
It doesn’t suprise me at all. Next year we will see if it changes. We could suffer the same fate. I don’t totally agree with this.

Kentucky plays in the East.

Duh! don’t know what I was thinking lol. still tough schedule they had to play

I was wondering why you thought that it was the toughest, and I almost agreed with you. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Vandy are all decent, but Tennessee and Missouri ruin the argument. Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M definitely trump the East though both divisions are good.

Maybe. Had we done that, it would’ve changed both LSU’s & our seeding for the SEC tournament, but reember, UK went 0-1 in the SEC tourny while LSU reached the title game. If those games counted in the committee’s decision, LSU pulled well above .500 & UK hurt itself further. Had UK won a couple of tourney games & LSU lost it’s first, then UK probably makes it in & LSU sits.

One nice thing is that LSU has to travel to Oregon St. Won’t be many corndogs there. There’s a good chance they don’t come home winners

Yes that’s what I get for multitasking. Wasn’t paying attention to what I typed. Talking to my brother on the phone got distracted. I think anybody that goes through an SEC schedule and has the kind of talent Kentucky has deserves a shot