Kentucky is playing an exhibition tonight

Against Miles College which is a Division II HBCU in Alabama (I had to look it up),

The current score is Miles Golden Bears 16, Jellycats 7, after five minutes.

We’re not the only ones who are having trouble with a D-II team.

And Tuesday night they play Duke.

Miles is still up 36-29. They are shooting lights out from deep and UK looks uninterested.

46-39 at half. Miles has hit 11 of 15 from deep.

Typical Kentucky team in that they have length length and more length, they have four guys 6’9 but they are playing horrible defense and are still struggling to shoot the ball. They do have a transfer named Grady from Davidson looks like he can stroke and I know the little point guard that transferred from Georgia wheeler will be a thorn in everybody’s side,him and lykes might get together and have a quick contest.
I’m sure they will come back in the second half and take charge but they are working progress kind of like we are

Calipari A+ recruiter. C- coach.

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Literally anybody could recruit to Kentucky, just like anybody could recruit to Bama football, so I’m not ready to call the Squid an A+ recruiter. Actually, I won’t give him any credit for only winning 1 natty with all that talent. All his guys get better after they are done with him, so I do agree with the C- coaching grade. He’s damn sure no Nick Saban.

Jellycats won 80-71. Miles hit 15 of 30 from deep. At one point the TV guys were going “Why are they shooting twos? They’re hitting everything outside.” But in the second half they only hit four treys and UK pulled away.

The cat fans (like the Hog fans) are diving off the cliff on their boards… so predictable.

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Cal is well respected around the nation as a solid coach, who other than a few off years, takes five new players and blends them into a sold defensive and offensive unit and contends for the title. He is a solid coach. I give him an A.

I don’t know if you can call him a great recruiter, because there are obvious signs that there was some cheating at UMass and Memphis. And then when he got to Kentucky, he can pretty much select like Coach K can. I give him a B for recruiting.

As far as number of national titles, he does fall short on that. But it is interesting to compare his numbers to Coach K.

Coach K - 5 NC, 12 FF, 12 ACC titles, 15 ACC-T titles

Coach Cal - 1 NC, 6 FF, 16 conf titles (6 SEC), 15 conf-T titles (6 SEC)

Coach K has been at Duke for 41 years and has had luxury of having 4 yr players until recently, whereas Cal has been at Kentucky for just 12 years. Coach K has struggled more since he went the Cal route of one and done route,

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