Kentucky has started an internal investigation

They may make an attemp to do a cover up as quick as they can! The problem is the information already in the FBI’s hands have anyone involved cut and dry in the cross hairs. Greaseball “Cal” has made a statement so has the AD. Well it may be time for the 3rd victim to end up on probation and Cal exit stage right!
Kevin Knox should be ineligible to play!
They will play him anyway! I think the mission statement for Kentucky basketball is getting them to the NBA and setting them up with an agent to where they can relax going into the draft.
A lot of games will be vacated.

I am trying to keep up with and understand all of it. So, what I have read so far names players, agents and companies for taking and giving out the $$. I think that as it stands all of the schools and the coaches are clear. The schools and the coaches will simply deny any knowledge. Am I missing something.

The information available now is sketchy at best. More could be coming out to implicate coaches. If a player has been given benefits not allowed by the NCAA the school is punished. Arkansas was nailed for players getting paid for cleaning out trucks. The money they were paid was more than the allowed per hour. NCAA nailed the school even though coaches or the school were aware of the situation.

It all falls under the term “oversight.” Even if the coaches and schools deny knowledge, but the gifts were given, then the coaches and schools lack the proper oversight. The NCAA, according to their rules, should charge them with failure to have maximum oversight. Whether that happens or not is a different story.

Yes by rule that should make the players ineligible to play!

The boilerplate press release of plausible deniability is so similar for each coach that an app must be generating them.

I almost spit my coffee out when I read this niels…

Yesterday I was thinking all of these guys have the same line.

Do the crime be ready to do the time.

It’s harvest season in the Bluegrass state, hopefully they will get to “Reap what they have Sown”. WPS

That’s rich! More like ‘the hurry up and ACT like we didn’t know investigation’. Money has made these people insane.

The families of these recruits at Kentucky, Mississippi State, Auburn & Alabama we’re rewarded through a 3rd party.

Unless a conversation can be audibly recorded to show intent the majority of the SEC programs mentioned will incur a slap on the wrist (forfeiting a season of W’s and/or (1) scholarship reduction)

Basically they will continue to break the rules but be even more resourceful/careful.

The active college players will be ruled ineligible and wins will be vacated, so the schools will encounter some impact. Not as much as I want but that is a silver lining. Keep in mind that a number of parents are already involved. Those parents were taking the highest bidder and they don’t have loyalty to a school to make them want to fall on a sword to protect a school.