Kentucky gets 5 star PG

National #21. Chose UK over LSU, Kansas and Arizona


The last 5 star point guard Cal signed just transferred to Texas after a very, very disappointing freshman season. No thanks. I’ll take my chances with KK and Lykes. Cal is just grasping at straws at this point, and I have to wonder what a 5 star player even looks like, after Kentucky had the consensus #1 class last year and absolutely sucked. No tears for them cried here.

Bag man overbid?

Wade must have come in with a WAO. :wink:

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My personal preference is Cal not sign any 5 stars, get frustrated and go away.

I don’t want to go by last year and think it is the norm. History says Cal has done a great job of getting 5 to 6 talented freshmen and mold them into a cohesive unit by conference time and beat a lot of teams with experience,

It is possible that last year Cal lost his touch or it is possible that loss of Terrence Clarke cost UK big and put too much stress on BJ Boston and PG Askew. They were close in almost every game. As Jimmy Dykes had said, you can count on UK being in a winning position with 4 minutes to go.

I don’t want to take that chance. I think next year is our best shot at the SEC title in a long time. Don’t want Kentucky involved in the title chase,

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I would just as well raise the bar & compete against the SEC best, whether that be a Cal KY or otherwise. Realistic expectations are that we will again be competitive in the NCAA tournament where it counts most. The experience, win or lose, against top SEC teams will make us more competitive & better prepared for the tournament.

That also may have a fortunate side effect of eliminating PG Cason Wallace interest in Kentucky.

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