Kentucky gained 612 yards, ran 99 plays

Had possession for 46 minutes, never punted. And lost. Tennessee got a pick-six and a lot of chunk plays and won 45-42.

Speaking of wild stats, two straight years Wake Forest has scored 50+ on North Carolina and lost both games. Wake’s offense is completely legit and their defense is out to lunch. Wake gained 615 yards and scored 55. Last year UNC won 59-53.

By the way, this was a nonconference game. Wake and UNC are in different ACC divisions, got tired of never playing each other (they’re about 80 miles apart on I-40) and decided to schedule each other as an NC game.

I wondered how that wasn’t a conference game.

Point of confusion for those of us living in NC. There is the town of Wake Forest and Wake Forest University, You would think the school would be in the town of the same name. But it isn’t. Actually, WFU started out in the town of Wake Forest, which is a Raleigh suburb (Raleigh is in Wake County). The WFU medical school moved to Winston-Salem in 1941 and the entire university followed in 1946 after the Reynolds tobacco family donated the land and a whole bunch of money. The old WFU campus in Wake Forest is now a Baptist seminary (Wake is a Baptist school).

Wake is out of DBs. Injuries change things at this point of season.

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