Kentucky found its shooter

Seldom used that left fans wondering why he wasn’t get PT with all its shooting woes, Dontaie Allen was finally given a chance for extended PT and seized his moment with 7 three pointers to break a six game Kentucky losing streak with a win at Mississippi State.

Prior to this game, Allen had logged just 20 minutes in the first seven games.

And we should care why?

Who cares if Kentucky ever wins a game! I sure don’t. I’m concerned about our Hogs!

Well, it is of interest if best coach in basketball cannot really pick his best players given all the problems they have had so far this season. Otherwise it is 18 year olds being 18 year olds.

Sorry guys. My post was directed to college basketball fans and what happens at Kentucky is big news in college basketball.

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Exactly. It is amazing it took Cal this long. Does he not watch practice?

Dantae is a RS Freshman and former Mr. Kentucky Basketball from the small town of Falmouth, Ky and merely ranked 98th overall in his recruiting class. Calapari is in love with recruiting rankings and players not from the state of Kentucky with a few exceptions during his tenure at UK.
When you think about the amount of talent Coach Cal has had and has only 1 National Championship I’d say he’s not a great coach. He’s actually been the best underachieving Coach in the country.
I can tell you that here in Kentucky many lifetime fans are growing tired of the one and done teams.

Well, since KY is in our conference & we play them in about a month, I think it’s good information to have.


Finding a shooter is okay for them, it’s better for us they don’t have their usual five or six shooters.

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