Kentucky Football in 60

Last night as I was surfing the DirecTV guide, I noticed the listing of “Kentucky Football in 60” on the SEC Network. And I thought to myself, that should take about 2; what will they do with the other 58? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet their coach concurs with you; painful season.

Remember that Kentucky was 5-7 last year and almost made a bowl game, but it blew a 21-point lead in the final game against Louisville. That kept the SEC from having a representative in the Independence Bowl.

Show basketball highlights. :slight_smile:

CleverHog: Your post is …well clever!

Big talk from fans of a school who has a 3-4 record v UK.

You’re right. We always seem to get them during those rare times that they are trending up. A couple of those losses during the HDN years were just maddening. Competent game management most likely would have left us with a couple more wins in the series IMHO.

The most maddening loss of the bunch can’t be laid on HDN. We flat out gave the game away at Lexington in BP’s first season. Although the year before that in RRS was pretty bad too.

I had forgotten about that game in 08. Yeah, not one of BP’s finest moments. We did give that one away. Cost us a break even season and possible bowl bid.

You could see Petrino seething at the end of that game. It has been well-documented how much he hates Kentucky. I remember this photo of what appeared to be a Kentucky player yelling at him as he ran off the field. Most of those players had been subject to his beatdowns at Louisville. One year he called timeout with 6 seconds left so he could run up the score.

Have they aired one on Arkansas yet?

Yes, several times. Just check the listings on the SEC network.