Kentucky at Bama.

The SEC won’t be a cake walk. Bama is hanging with Kentucky. The Tide have a 6 point lead late in the second half and win the boards on both ends of the floor.
I’m hoping Kentucky falls flat on their face.
Cal is the one coach across college basketball that does less with the most talent. Hoping for a Tide win!

Tough on the road (by design IMHO) in the SEC, even for business players.

Looks like Bama is gonna hang on, but I swear the last 2 minutes the refs
swallowed their whistles when Kentucky was mauling people on defense.
Looked very pro Kentucky at that point.

It’s always pro Kentucky. There were several plays that were fouls that lead to Bama turnovers and Kentucky points that were obvious fouls. I’m glad Bama won.

Bama had not been playing well.

Nice win for the Tide.

How long will Cat fans continue to be happy with top recruiting classes not living up to hype ? What would Bama football fans do if Saban wasn’t in the NC conversation with the recruiting prowess they possess? I would think if Cal doesn’t get things going a little better his seat will start to warm quickly, Kentucky powers that be will not settle for mediocrity and I think Cal’s chain is a lot shorter than many think In my opinion. WPS

Cal coaches to much.

This KY team reminds me of the Archie Goodwin team. Very talented, but not a very good team.

Bama also looks better without Sexton

Response: for now I believe they are in love with the top high school players choosing Kentucky over the recruit own state university