Kentucky at Arkansas game 2

It’s 66 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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This will be Smith’s toughest lineup to face so far… let’s hope he’s on.

Kentucky pictcher has walked 10 in 13 innings. Something to keep an eye on

Hagen Smith needs to learn it’s okay to throw a 2-0 or 2-2 pitch off the plate.
That’s what I think.
He will throw strikes.

Well he has a tendency to walk people after he gets two outs and he likes to throw 0-2 picthes that are too hittable. He has great stuff he will learn

I sure hope so! Having a freshmen on the bump as your #2 starter shows what DVH and Hobbs think of the young man’s ability

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That was a heck of a catch my web got to get that ball out of middle of the plate

Smith is all over the place!!! Smh

Yes he is. The defensive gem by Moore saved him on that DP!

That was absolutely incredible double play!!

We really need to appreciate what we are seeing with Moore and Battles

They are Major League quality

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Absolutely that was a major league play all the way around on both ends

Stovall strikes out of never took the bat off his shoulder. Will never understand that

That’s how you hit this guy! Wallace and Turner have showed you what to do. Now follow suit

Big game Bob! You the man

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At least Slavens didn’t strike out

That was a very good at bat he went with the pitch hit the ball hard

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Smith is not fooling anybody right now though. Teeing off on that first pitch he’s going to have to start changing speeds

Yeah this doesn’t project well

Fastball does not look like it has much movement just comes in straight, he’s going to have to mix pictures real well or he’s going to get one lost here pretty quickly