Kentucky adds 5 star center

That’s the one thing we’re going to have to start getting 5* Big men. We’re on them we just got to finish the deal

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I would take a 4-star type like Gafford or Portis.


Yeah I heard that

Portis was a consensus 5 star on 247 composite.

You’re right. Brain fart.

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Kingsley just re-classified 2 weeks ago from 2023 to 2022. KY hadn’t offered him until he re-classified. Also, only On3 has him as a 5-star. The other 3 services had him as a 4-star and consensus #39.

This could be good for KY (if they have room for him this season) because he will be able to learn as a back-up to Oscar this coming season and could be a stud for KY in the 2023/24 season. The write up seems to indicate he’s already good defensively, just lacking in offense.

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The reason I posted this Is because I thought 2022-23 rosters were all set. As the article says, thus guy is not good offensively yet, but could give them 10 minutes of good defensive presence.

I felt that we had significant size advantage inside on UK and we probably still do, but this guy may bridge that advantage a bit.

On the wing, it is going to be a battle of McDonalds All-Americans.

Our two games with Kentucky should draw significant national audience. Hopefully CBS games.

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Vomit…puke….more vomit….spit at the Squid!!!

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any relation to our Kingsley from a few years ago?

Remember, our player’s name was really Kingsley Moses; someone once switched them around and it stuck.

I suppose it could it have happened again.

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Calamari will need somebody big to help defend Council’s dunks. Can’t wait!

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Maybe you’ll get your wish with 5-star Baye Fall.


Yeah I hear we have a pretty good chance at him

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