KenPom on remaining opponents

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Remaining opponents KenPom defensive ranks:

TAMU: 69th
Florida: 13th
Georgia: 112th
Alabama: 6th
Tennessee: 1st
Kentucky: 88th

Arkansas’ record against top-25 KP defenses: 0-4 (Alabama, Miss. State, Creighton, Auburn).

Remaining opponents KenPom offensive ranks:

TAMU: 19th
Florida: 140th
Georgia: 134th
Alabama: 13th
Tennessee: 51st
Kentucky: 20th

Arkansas’ record against top-25 KP offenses: 3-3
W: Missouri, TAMU, Kentucky
L: Baylor, Missouri, Alabama

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As a Pomeroy subscriber, I can confirm those are correct. I can also confirm that Pomeroy predicts we’ll have a 3-3 record from here out, losing the three roadies and winning all three at BWA.

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