Kenny Hill? non=throat slash

story now is that Kenny was “raising the king” as a religious statement and not a throat slash. Sign language basics does exactly emulate what he did:

and the story around Texas is now: … 65032.html

even if Mark Curles had known or been forewarned, the gesture just seemed so classic that I think the Curles crew would have made the same call. Hill has made the same gesture on all 5 of his rushing TD’s this year, so why not on passing Td’s also?

No matter what sort of “sign” that was, it sure smacked of taunting. The look on his face was enough for me.

Look at the kid…: it was a taunt.

Oh please Kenny you can do better than that

All that matters 41-38

Good Guys!!


If Mr. Hill is a member of ISIS, then the gesture might actually have been a religious expression. But then, what was he doing on the same football field with Hogs?

I put this in the lounge. If you google rising kings gesture and click images, it show a lady doing the rising kings gesture, and it show Hill doing the rising kings gesture (I’m assuming the first time), the second shows more of a throat slash into the sign. I’m assuming he put a little extra emphasis on the beginning of the sign, which looked more like a throat slash.

when a person scores a td one would think any facial expressions would resemble greatfulness or thankful or at least a sign of happiness. I saw none of those on his face. Hogs 41 Frogs 38 :smiley: And no rayzabacker11, the king sash starts from your non dominant shoulder and NOT the throat. WPS!!!

We make that gesture all the time down at the “Cutthroat Baptist Assembly Church of Latter Day Menonites”. Amen, Shiloam and Howdy Dooty!

Even if it’s legit, you don’t do something like that because it’s just like a throat slash. No excuses.

Next time I see Kenny I’ll give him the “your number one” finger sign.

Mrs. Buzzard suggested Voodoo, as in slashing a goat’s throat during a ceremony.

Hey you are talking 15 yards really ---- one more play that would have taken more time off the clock and better for us. I hate to be ignorant, but what does that mean ? Rising Kings ? And whatever god he is exalting apparently had nothing to do with the cross that we all might recognize ---- apparently wasn’t on his side too much. Might be a great dude, and I hate to question him, but don’t blame the loss on that stupid crap. And if Patterson is doing that, loss of respect for him.

So, at least that explains why it was not called the first time: the ref who saw that one was a believer, while the ref who saw the second one is a non-believer.

Ha, ha, yeah I agree believer in what ? Right ? Kings ---- with an — s is already a problem with the religion I know. Unless he means King of Kings and Lord of Lords — but don’t think a throat slash is what he taught. The rest of it is BS at a football level. Just play the damn game.

When you score, then come to sideline and run your fingers across your throat, it is seen as nothing but “Throat Slash”. Plain and simple. All other excuses is a spin to preserve his reputation and divert him from criticism. I be surprised if he does his religious gesture any more!

This is abjectly ridiculous. Once upon a time TCU was a respectable, dignified, church-centered university who nevertheless excelled at football. I guess those days are gone for good. Now you’re a whinny, thuggish, hyper-commercialized bunch of Spreaders? Please. Spare me.

You are judging an entire institution on the actions of one football player?

Monday Night Football classic Don Meredith line when dsigusted fan all by himself gives the camera the finger during an overwhelming loss for his team.

It takes quite a bit of doing to try to explain this away. For one, I think he made a mistake and I think Marc Curles and his crew got it right with the flag. I am pretty sure that most everyone who was watching made the same interpretation as the referees, that this was a taunt.

Do deaf people use that as a religious sign? Everything I have read about that particular sign online mentions it as a sign for Kings, nothing I have read mentions it being used in reference to God and or Jesus or any other type of religious connotation.