I c that Tex A&M fired Kennedy.

No big surprise. He has health issues. He’d probably be a good assistant somewhere. Good luck to him!

How many Sweet 16s he make at aTm?

Kennedy’s record at aTm was considerably worse than MA’s at Arkansas, just saying.

BP, you’re harshing the one-trick pony’s mellow.

The Houston Chronicle, which broke the story, says TAM is going to go after Buzz Williams.

I hope Buzz turns them down he would be jumping into the frying pan!
I would like to see Kennedy get an assistant job with CMA. He can recruit.
We need some change.

I agree. He had nice talent last year that throttled UNC.

I could be wrong but thought it was mentioned right on this forum that Slick Rick Stansbury is the one who recruited that talent to the Aggies, not Billy. Once Rick left, Aggies were not able to replace that talent. That is not surprising. Rick has his ways.

Slick Rick has had his issues obeying the rules too! You may be right but he does run plays for bigs! Kennedy is a good man and I’m not happy to see him go!