Kennedy made a comment

Might have been in post game interview. Stay in front of and defend Macon and barford and make the rest beat you. Well that was recipe earlier in the season. But that did not work last night. Others are stepping up and providing some spark offensively. Beard had a good night. Along with Hall. Gafford also. He struggled against some physicality but seems to becoming more consistent lately. This is very good to see, especially with our remaining schedule and the sec tournament on the way.

Macon did a nice job of not forcing the action and had 6 assists. I really think he has a shot in the NBA as a bench guy who can bring in shooting and playmaking.

He might have to play the G-League, or overseas first, but he has a shot IMO.

I think Trey has had a huge impact on this team during the past 2 weeks. He really makes an effort to get every player involved and will pass to the open man. Thomas is the same in the regard. I think as all the players start contributing and building confidence, it will allow Barford and Macon to not feel like they have to make the play. Let the open guy make the play. Those guys are still going to get their touches. This is how we were playing in the beginning of the year. Macon’s streak ended, so hopefully he can relax now. Barford had an off night, so hopefully he can relax now, too. If they want an opportunity to shine on an elite level at the end of the season, they have to get there first, and that’s going to require these freshmen and role players. It’s also going to involved being rested and ready to play DEFENSE!

I think the younger guys have helped Trey lately, because they take the pressure off of him to be “the” guy inside on both ends of the floor. He plays much better when he lets the game come, as that fits his skill set a lot better than trying to be a dominant player. Trey is a smart, wide player who can do a lot of little things well, but he needs at least one good athlete playing forward while he’s in the game.

Trey has better since he has had time to recover from the hamstring injury. The long are taller as a team this year and will also be taller next year. The pure effort of Hall runs off on others. I also noticed Gafford in the second half telling teammates lets go. It appears a few leaders may be starting to take charge. Macon missed shots early and just stopped putting the ball up. Bardford took some big shots but he also shared the ball.
Beard took a late 3 at the end of the shot clock and made it that was probably the biggest shot of the game.
Overall it a win They need to be able to get a quick start and put teams away early.