First weekend surprise result: 5 walks, 0 strikeouts…889 slugging %.

I know it’s quite early, but this is nice.

Agree! I’m anxious to see how he does in the USC series. If this is a real batting transformation for him, it’s going to do wonders for the Hog’s offense. He would be perfect for the 2 hole with that on base percentage.

I do not think there has ever been a worry about his hitting, once he got enough at bats to get comfy. He delivered some clutch hits after taking over for the injured Biggers. He’ll go opposite field and he also has some power. And, his defense is spectacular. He’s an SEC player. Van Horn expects him to be drafted after this season. I believe that, too.

Kenley has a high baseball IQ and has a nose for the ball. I have never noticed him getting upset of losing his composure. He did come up big last season while Biggers was injured. The off season work in the weight room helped him it appears.
He’s faster than he looks. On defense he glides to the ball. The homer hit hit over the weekend surprised me.

Last season during the “we can’t hit with RISP” scare, Kenley broke the drought with a 9+ pitch at bat resulting in a single (I think) rbi to right field. I forget who we were playing, but I know it was a home series and it felt like a huge momentum swing at the time. He’s just had the unfortunate luck of being stuck behind some of the best infielders in the country in Shaddy, Biggers, and Martin.