Kenley - Now an All-American

I guess there’s no chance he’s returning next year?

The answer for virtually ANY junior (eligibility) player taken in the first 10 rounds of the draft is “NO” . . . unless there are extenuating circumstances and they think they can come back and get drafted MUCH higher.

Kenley is gone - and I wish him well . . . AFTER he finishes his business in Omaha with his teammates!

He was drafted in the 8th round. That’s a huge jump from what he would’ve done last year. No way he improves his position coming back for a final year when he’d have no leverage. Selfishly, I’d like him to return, but it’s time to thank him for his service to the Razorback family & wish him well in his career. After this season ends, it’ll be time for him to become a loyal alumnus.

well deserved,we definently wouldn’t be here without him.

Turned into a complete player and hopefully makes the bigs in the near future…

Kenley, Goodheart, and Franklin are the reasons we have come this far, especially with Martin having a few struggles along the way. If not for those three, we’d be pretty close to our preseason ranking. Kenley has been a huge surprise, and he deserves this recognition.