Kendal's Leaving?

Word’s going around Kendal Briles is headed to TCU…

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Supposedly they talked to him but I haven’t heard anything about him possibly leaving. I think I saw what you’re seeing and they had that kind of stuff up for him leaving to Mississippi State too… I guess we will find out soon

TCU fans are up in arms.

Maybe they can get Dykes to back off, like South Carolina fans did Loggains (the first time at least).

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They don’t want Briles?

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Someone called Frogs Today tweeted this info.

They have 5000 followers .

Who knows?


Yeah that’s what I saw as well.

Might be why that kid says he needed to edit.

Good point

Kendal Briles was thought to be persona non grata in the Big12 from his Baylor days. They are p*ssed.

Similar to Hugh Freeze for the SEC.

I understand that.
We will see how it goes.

And MSU said he was going there. I don’t put a lot in these type tweets, when a national guy says something, I tend to listen.

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It would take at least 1.5 million to make it worth it for briles. Would dykes let him hire his own assistants like Sam has? I doubt it.

Shows our fans that maybe we ought to appreciate him bc a whole bunch of other schools would like to have him.


I hope not, I like Briles and I think he is best for KJ for at least one more year.

But I cannot bear living on internet conjecture one more year.

What will be, will be.

Let’s see if we can outbid TCU. If not then my suspicions about Razorback football will be confirmed.

and what are those suspicions?

Perhaps that we simply aren’t willing to pay at the level of schools we compete with. And expecting similar results. I’m guessing that’s it.


TCU no less. I understand they went to the title game and they have some very wealthy alums, but come on. It’s a B12 team. We have 15x the fan base I bet and SEC revenue. I’m just not sure Arkansas is serious about football.

Not saying I am right, but have those who are calling for more money, considered it might not be about money. He was making good money and given what has been alleged as a good bump already, following the Mississippi State job search. Like many in his position, he is aiming for his shot to be a head coach. If he thinks changing jobs is the best path, another raise may not be the answer.

So all this “if so and so can out-pay us then it says something about our program” does not seem to be particularly insightful or helpful.


I think arkansas is committed to football. Each year they have met the number to keep briles and have at least once this year and maybe twice.

The tcu job does have some of the old gang from baylor and stephensville where he and his dad both coached. Is closer to his home base so I see the allure.

I do think Kendal desperately wants to be a head coach. He has to determine is tcu a flash in the pan or is chandler Morris the guy to build around next year or does he want sec and KJ.

I think the latter with maybe a few extra bucks thrown his way again.

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I believe that Odom’s salary and ranking might not be consistent with your assertions. I know that is Odom, not Briles, who was considerably lower than Odom and while I do not know what his recent bump was, I would bet his salary level would be more than competitive.