Kendall Young commits to

Who will he choose today? My guess is Missouri.

Haven’t felt good about this one for awhile.

I guess you and Dudley don’t share notes, lol.

I should’ve said recently. The last couple of weeks.

I think the Arkansas ship sail on by last week, when Young postpone his commitment date for the third time. I do know Arkansas is still recruiting DEs.

and my conclusion is the same as Richard’s - that he will head elsewhere, likely to Missouri.

Some things here in the past two weeks - not having to do with Arkansas on-field performance - have led me to that thought.

One of them being that - much like with his teammate Jadon Jackson - it’s a position deal.

Arkansas sees him as a LB because of the DEs they have and the possible/probably addition of Tauren Carter.

Missouri sees him as a DE or at least is telling him that is where he will play.

I won’t be too upset if he goes somewhere else bc ultimately I think he outgrows the LB position and ends up at DE which we already (especially if we get Carter) have accounted for in the class. That being said, I would rather see him at Vandy than every year at Missery…

This is a very good problem. Basically, we have “better than him” defensive ends committed and the only position open for him in the recruiting class is linebacker. When good recruits are good enough to play for our SEC competition but not better than your present committments, that is a good recruiting problem. Same thing applies to Jadon Jackson. Mississippi needs him at receiver and we don’t. Whose class do you think has the better receiver committs? Go Hogs!


Why does he have Hammer Down on his tweet?

Shows up as blank on my thread.

Odd. Not sure why.

Must have gotten it confused with Vanderbilt’s “Anchor Down” slogan.

I’ll never be mad at a kid for choosing to go to Vandy or Stanford.