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That the extra year for spring sports is probably only going to apply to people who were seniors this year. Which on our baseball team means Cole Austin. That’s what I expected, although it does remove any leverage if HK or Martin decided to come back.

That’s also what I expect if they decide to extend that to hoops and other winter sports.

I would expect many lawsuits on that if that is indeed the final decision.

Juniors would have another chance. Seniors don’t. If you give everyone an extra year it would be nuts with huge rosters, etc.

You only have 4 years to compete. Taking that year from some while giving it to others will result in legal issues. I’m not saying it won’t be nuts. The whole world is nuts right now.

You got that right. Whole world is nuts

This kind of law is outside my wheelhouse, so I’d defer to any lawyer whose practice is more closely associated to this question, but as a basic idea, I’d say a lawsuit that granted an extra year only to seniors or maybe even juniors & seniors would hold up. I don’t know what the basis of a claim might be. Besides, the unique circumstances of this year are likely to give the NCAA a lot leeway on how to handle eligibility.

Agree. I didn’t say the lawsuits would result in victory. While I believe there would be some basis in a claim like this, courts are full of baseless claims and sometimes it costs a lot of money to prove you are right.

Courts are pretty good at getting rid of baseless claims without it costing much. Motions to dismiss & summary judgments work pretty well. Besides, not many lawyers want to bring a baseless claim. Baseless claims cost them money, too.

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