Kendall Rogers' bracketology breakdown

A deeper dive on the tournament field referenced by docestes in another thread. Paywall, so I’ll summarize:

Safe national seeds: Wake Forest, Arkansas, Florida, LSU

Bubblicious national seeds: Stanford, Vandy, West Virginia, Clemson. Meaning Vandy needs to win their series with us to remain a seed.

Other national seed candidates: Virginia, Kentucky, SoCar, Coastal Carolina. Could move up if one of the bubblicious teams slips.

Regional hosts: All of the above, plus Miami, Okie Lite, Dook and Molester State

Possible regional hosts: Campbell, Dallas Baptist, Boston College, Washington, UConn, Murder U, Mustard, Indiana State, East Carolina, Southern Miss, UNC.

Molester State hurt their chances with a midweek loss Tuesday, and has already finished P-12 play. Their RPI will take a hit this weekend with a series with Western Carolina, but the committee may be looking for a second regional host out west. If not the Beavs, maybe U-Dub, which could pass OSU in the Pac-12 race with a series win against Cal. The ACC teams may be sorted out by the results at the conference tournament in Durham. Okie Lite needs to win its series with the Paperclips this weekend to stay in the hosting category.

Lots of possibilities for bid thieves if schools like Indiana State, Dallas Baptist, UConn and Campbell don’t win their conference tournaments.

Georgia dropped out of the projected field last weekend which still leaves 10 SEC teams. Also, TCU has crept back into the field as an at-large.

If you wonder why Molester State doesn’t have a league series this week, the P-12 is the P-11 for baseball; Colorado doesn’t have a team. Ditto the Big 12 which is currently the Big 9 for baseball (no
Iowa State), and the ACC has an odd number of teams for baseball anyway with Notre Dame playing in that league.