Ken Smithmier

Just said what I and many others are beginning to think about CBB, on Paul Finebaums program.

That his production at Wisconsin was not a product of CBB, but of the Alvarez system. That’s why they have continued without any road bumps, he had great vision and built a program that would succeed. Bret was simply plugged into the system.

Called CBB a 500 coach. The 730 he had at Wisconsin, was not the kind of coach he was, it’s the kind of program he was at, according to him. I don’t disagree. 500, That’s all we will get.

I’ve pulled for the man as hard as any coach we’ve ever had, but I’m just not with him anymore. I like him, hope he does well, but I just don’t see the ability.

Disappointed to see what I’ve thought for about the last year start to come out from those who study the game as a career.

Who is Ken Snithmier and why should we care what he thinks, good or bad? (Yes I Googled him and found nothing.)

I’ve always thought Bielema had it a lot easier at Wisconsin than here. In addition to being a regional power, Wisconsin was able to play the likes of Indiana, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois and Northwestern most years. Bielema was 24-2 against those teams.

You don’t get that kind of schedule in the SEC.

I think Bielema went to the SEC because he wanted to challenge himself more; prove himself outside of Barry Alvarez’s shadow. So far it hasn’t worked out real well, but he still has at least eight games to show improvement vs. the league. Everyone knows this is a crucial season for him.

Who is TexasHog77 and why should we care?

President of P3 Insights. “The judgment Guru” according to a paul. Not sure is exact affiliation and how it correlates to CFB, but he must have some credibility for Paul to bring him on, Paul is the most respectable Sports talk show host I can think of personally, I don’t see him bring anyone on out of right field usually.

Regardless, his opinion is something no one has to agree with, but it’s also one that is not able to be disproven at this point. That’s what I take from it. Plus it fell right in line with what I’ve been beginning to think.

Who is hoginstein? Why did you waste your time commenting?

I dig it, I think it is a good analysis by both Smithmier, Matt, and the TexasHog. We’ll see what happens :wink:

That was very interesting.

He is right and also Coach B has moved away from that Whisky style at U of A…

One last note, he supported his point on being a product of the Whisky System, with the LSU DC… says he also was a product of the Wisconsin program.

He point blank said, Wisconsin has not missed a beat since Coach B has left… and that is not a good trait.

I agree with you on this Swine

You are right!

I won’t pretend to be an expert on CFB analysis, I just know what I see and think.

The only thing I claim to be an expert at is 3rd molar extractions and other maxillofacial surgeries.

Other than that, we are all just die hard hog fans who want the best for the team, I hope! Woo pig

analytics to the max. CFB? not sure, but his business analytics is top dog. More accomplished than his derogateurs in this forum. Probably detached without an agenda… Anyone ever hear Russell Wilson or jJ mention how much they benefitted from Coach B coaching? … r-behavior

I think this is on target. The question is, who are the coaches out there that could/would come to Arkansas and be better than 500 coaches over five years? I hope BB proves to be one of those coaches this year. It will take a truly exceptional coach to do it.

That’s the million dollar question.

I think it needs to be a guy who has a proven ability to take a program that’s in the dumps and turn it into something bright. We obviously aren’t in the dumps, so it wouldn’t be as much of a rebuild.

I also like the trend of the younger, more charismatic coaches. We are in dire need of some personality and passion on the sideline. We need energy.

Maybe CBB will figure it out though, only time will tell.

If CBB is a product of the Wisconsin system (and there may be a lot of truth there), then what is the Arkansas “system,” and who is going to establish it and/or stay long enough to establish it? Or are we going to have a coach here and there that hits the 10- or 11-win mark and then leave for greener pastures?

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a “system” since JFB, and you could say that even that was enhanced by the lack of strength in the SWC.

Very good points.

I think that the “system” is more of an identity. Something we definitely do not have. Like this man said, when you play Wisconsin, you know what you’re going to get.
We currently do not have an identity, I think CBB tried to duplicate the Wisky identity, but it doesn’t and won’t work at Arkansas. You have to be able to recruit with the likes of Bama and LSU to beat them at their own game, and even Bama has adapted to a somewhat different style.

I think the last coach to really have an identity, was CBP. He knew his defense wasn’t going to stop anyone, but he also knew he could score and out score whoever, whenever. Obviously there’s a lot of hard feelings for him, rightfully so, we can leave it there.

We have to have an identity, and it’s not going to be 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

He may have had a system (I think all coaches know what they believe in), but he wasn’t here long enough for the system to be completely in place. It imploded the year after he left. Some would say it was bound for that; others contend otherwise. But I’m talking about something that is the foundation for success of succeeding coaches.

I can go along with that. But it imploded because of John L. Bobby would’ve won atleast 9 with that team.

We definitely need a system, we can and will eventually get there. Not sure if CBB will be the guy, but we will get there. We aren’t a hole in the wall university. We have what we need to get a coach and then recruits to the hill. Sure it may be more challenging, but we can do it.

That is not true. They hired Gary Anderson after Brett and he left after 2 years.

I don’t give Alvarez as much credit as some. Like CBB he played a pretty soft sch and if you look at it now pretty much the same sch
They rarely play the big boys in the B10

It would be like Ark not playing Ala, AU, LSU every few years

Anderson provides another example of the Wisconsin system.
He was 20-7 at Wisconsin in those 2 years, a 9 and 11 win season.

At Oregon state he’s a nice 7-21.

What Bret did at Wisconsin has no bearing on his oerformance here. We should have learned that lesson with Danny Ford.

Who are coaches that have inherited a dumpster fire and built something? Justin Fuente’s rebuild job at Memphis is the best I’ve ever seen, but no way he’s attainable. Coaches like this are few and far between but one is coaching in West Lafayette and another in Tulsa.