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For the record, I have contributed thousands of $$$ to the Razorback Foundation over the years and yes my feelings have merit because I know lots of Hog fans who feel the exact same way as I do. When things are not as good as they ought to be, true fans will speak out both here on this board and letter(s) to Jeff Long. I have done both and I will not be discouraged from doing so by anyone (including former players with weird user id’s)

You have that right, but your feelings still lack merit. You, and others, are using emotional attachments to make a statement. Yet, they are all based on assumptions, and you provide no fact based items to enhance your standing.

In as much, yes, the user name is certainly an eye sore; one in which I was forced to use since losing a bet many years ago. I own it, and I stand by the loss by having to use this namesake.

Nevertheless, irrational feelings and the desire to be something greater for a university, in which you do not have control of, or have power over, are pipedreams at best. This is a university, and the athletics department is a part of the university. Just like the College of Law, College of Engineering, and the likes, their purpose is to graduate outstanding people, who can advance the workforce and university. Winning championships is great, but it is not a mission of the university. You, like others, fail to realize that, and you substitute your own feelings for that of the university’s purpose. Therefore, your donations to the athletic department are helpful and serve a purpose, but those donations do not allow you to run the department or university at hand.

If you want control over something, then follow Jerry Jone’s model and buy a professional team. Then you can insert your feelings and dominance over such.

Winner…winner…chicken dinner.

Long does not appear to care about wins as much as he cares about buildings. He build the Jerry Jones Study Hall which I understand doesn’t get used much. He is finally closing in the North endzone. That’s all well and good but we need Ws. As far as Petrino is concerned, all Long had to do was have enough interest to ask who is this girl Bobby hired and why did he hire her.

You are right. I get emotional about the Hogs as do lots of other fellow Arkansans. That’s why the word fan is short for fanatic. Successful Razorback sports programs have always been a great source of pride with me. When I meet people from other parts of the country, I want to be able to poke my chest out with pride and feel good about our teams. Too often we get stereotyped as being inbred hillbilly losers who live in trailer parks, cook meth and smack around our women. However, when the Hogs are doing well, it makes dealing with these “elitists” a whole lot easier. I will never apologize for being a passionate Razorback fan. I just wish Jeff Long would feel the same way. The only objective data I need is the scoreboard and the win loss column. Here is hoping both of those things improve dramatically starting this year.

Right on Hog Law 91, you nailed it!

I want our hogs to win but I do want the wins to come from a clean respectable program. Not the Jim Bo Fisher way!
Bike guy creates problems.
Swinefine I’m a finnantic hog fan! I was listening to the hogs in Iraqi in desert storm

I agree completly. I don’t want to be one of those programs that changes coaches every 3-4 years always hoping the shiny new toy will take us to the promised land. Patience…

My subject changing Prediction for TCU! Game time ladies and gents!

Depth, depth, and more depth!

Hogs will and should play to their strengths with the “ground n pound” ball control style football that will allow Austin Allen to manage the game while playing to his strengths when and only when he has to…keys to victory Running back depth, Play Action pass, Special Teams play, and athletic tight ends will all be a huge factors in keeping TCU’s offense off the field as well as our Quarterback off the turf. TCU likes to play fast and they will gain yardage with the passing game exposing our secondary all game long. Hogs are confident and match offensI’ve scrore blow for blow with their “3 headed running monster machine” that will replicate some of coach BB’s better offenses during his successful tenure with Wisconsin. During a Nationally televised home throw down. It’s sure to be a high scoring thriller of a game by two very opposite style offensive teams. This game will be about which offense can wear the other team out first…

Personally, I don’t believe Austin Allen has to out play himself and throws an all most perfect well managed ball game… I strongly believe he will.

Final out come UA 54 TCU 49. Hog need a TD late in the 4th qtr to pull this one out… Who other than freshman sensation running back CHASE HAYDEN with the most perfect block i’ll have ever seen, giving Austin Allen just enough time to find wide Open Tight End for the 8 yard game winning touchdown, leaving TCU only 39 seconds on the clock and down by 5…
Special teams comes through for the Hogs pinning the Horned Frogs Deep in their own territory. Time runs out and HOGS prevail with a huge Home win over a nationally ranked team. 2-0 start to the year, national exposure leading to being ranked #24th in the polls by Tuesday!

4 field goals in the game… special teams becoming a strength for Hogs!
4 Running TD’s 4 rbs combine for 372 yards… two 100 yard rushers emerge in this game!
2 Passing TD including game winning pass. 229 passing yards
Defense gets just enough stops! We need secondary help

Just a fun prediction I hope pans out. WPS


Don’t think either of you have anything to worry about. BB will be here as long as Jeff is the AD at Arkansas. You do actually, have a small degree of worry, however; what will Jeff be doing five years from now? I do think, however, that Jeff does know he has the proverbial bird in hand. Has the fan base just where he wants them.

Jeff knows the fan base generally has settled into a mode that 7 wins is acceptable; a good year. Just make a bowl game and win one occasionally. The “little ole me” syndrome; we can’t/shouldn’t expect to be any better at Arkansas.

That’s very good for Jeff’s longevity because as the former Arkansas player with the weird handle said, the university administration doesn’t care about winning championships. They want high academic results, good graduation rates, good citizens as student athletes, and a clean slate with the NCAA.

What makes it acceptable is that in spite of mid-major on-field results, the money keeps rolling by the barrels full. Adequately funding Jeff’s building program and the 19, or so, other Razorback athletic programs.

Life is good.